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Just Because You Are A Small Business Doesn't Mean You Have To Sound Like One

RingCentral™ is our top-pick Virtual Phone System. We have used this service since July, 2009.  Our virtual office system consists of 4 local lines, a toll-free number, a toll-free fax number, unlimited incoming and outgoing minutes, plus all the fancy features we really wanted, including automated attendant and call queuing... all for about $100 per month. With the local phone company, we paid that much for just 2 phone lines, everything else was extra!  Perception is no longer reality with this service. Now, any business can sound like a corporate giant.

VoIP Phone Systems


How Does a Virtual Phone System Work?
VoIP Phone Systems or a Virtual PBX is a Voice Over Internet Protocol phone service that unites all of your business phones (regardless of location) as one complete system. It eliminates the need for complex hardware, lengthy installation and technical expertise, making your business communication easy, affordable and accessible from wherever you need to be.
voip phone systems
With VoIP Phone Systems, a call placed to your toll-free phone number or local business number is sent to your automated attendant, which answers with a greeting you have selected or recorded and then routes the call based on how you have configured your auto-attendant. Most virtual phone systems can also receive faxes by automatically detecting if the incoming call is from a person or a fax machine.
With a traditional landline based phone system, each extension would be assigned to a desk phone somewhere in the office where the phone system is installed. With VoIP Phone Systems, you can assign that extension to any phone number, anywhere in the world. You can also assign an extension to multiple phone numbers that will ring until answered, and if unanswered, will return to the voicemail box of your choice. Many systems also allow voice mails to be converted to emails so that you can easily manage all of your communications from one location.
VoIP Phone Systems allow small businesses to have employees or offices anywhere in the world… all easily reachable by your customers and clients through a single phone system.  You can also transfer calls between extensions anywhere in the world. Try that with a traditional PBX phone system.
It’s easy to set-up your business with a virtual phone system. The following video from RingCentral provides an overview of VoIP Phone Systems.


VoIP Phone System Features
Yes_Check Cost-Effective: No hardware to purchase or maintain.
Yes_Check Professional: Present a polished image.
Yes_Check Unified: One number to reach all locations and staff.
Yes_Check Efficient: Automated attendant and call forwarding.
Yes_Check Convenient: Check voicemail by web, email or phone.
Yes_Check Fax: Receive and send faxes online.
Yes_Check Solutions: Toll-free and local numbers.
Yes_Check Simple & Easy: Sign-up online and begin using in minutes.
Yes_Check Affordable: From $1 to $5 Day and much lower taxes!
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